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Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

The spring is knocking on the door. It is coming the season when everything around us is waking up for a new life. Parallel to this in us arises a desire for change and a traditional spring house cleaning. Unfortunately, it usually takes a long time, cost a lot of nerves and effort. Maybe if you have drafted ultimate spring cleaning checklist, which to follow step by step, this household task will not be a challenge for you. In this article we will offer you a checklist, which will make your job easier. And you will see, once you refresh your home, you will stock yourself with a very good mood. Except the things we do with our weekly cleaning, there are some other household tasks that we need to do to get ready for the spring.

Ultimate spring cleaning checklist

  • Sort your tasks;
  • Organize your time;
  • Prepare cleaning products;
  • Start of the most unmade room;
  • Keep everything in its place.


ultimate spring cleaning checklist - wardrobeBringing into order your wardrobe is one of the major steps of your ultimate spring cleaning checklist, that you need to start with. In this case we are not just talking about clearing the clothes that do not fit you, or the ones that are no longer your favorite. Take out everything of the closet and clean the corners, which often become “home” for nests of various germs and pests, especially during the winter. Toss out, sell or donate the clothes and accessories that you do not use anymore. Place the rest of them according their purpose: the winter ones on the upper shelves, spring ones on the easy accessible shelves and hangers.


ultimate spring cleaning checklist - curtainsDo not try to save effort when you just wash the windows, without taking off the curtains. This is not a good idea because the dusty curtains will only uglify the clean windows. That is why it is good to remove the curtains and while they are washing, wipe the windows. Take the curtains out immediately after washing, to avoid wrinkles and save yourself ironing. Some of the curtains need special care, therefore always check the labels before putting them in laundry or dryer.


ultimate spring cleaning checklist - carpetsYes it is true that thick carpets create a cozy atmosphere. But no matter how hard we are trying to keep them clean and good looking, during the whole winter they are collecting dust, body oil and stains. That is why at the end of the cold season cross out this task of your ultimate spring cleaning checklist and give your carpet deep cleaning. Then you can thoroughly store it for the next year. For seasons like spring and summer are suitable floorings that will not keep extra heat.

Dust and cobwebs

ultimate spring cleaning checklist - dust and cobwebsIt is easy to reach the cobwebs and clean the dust of the walls and ceilings by using a vacuum. This way you can also clean inaccessible spots like a fan on the ceiling or window frames. Rearrange the cabinets and shelves, remove everything and wipe the accumulated dust. If there are books do not forget to clean them as well. Finish with thorough vacuuming of the dust that accumulates on the floor. Clean the vacuum cleaner bag on every 3 uses. Thus you will help prevent the spread of dust mites in the air during the next use of the appliance.


ultimate spring cleaning checklist - upholsteryIf the covers of your upholstery furniture are removable, it will be very easy for you to clean them by using the laundry (always look at the label for proper treatment). In case that they are not removable you can use a regular vacuum cleaner with one of those upholstery attachments at the end. When cleaning, be sure to beat by hand the decorative pillows, bedspreads and blankets, because the home textile collects a lot of dust mites.


ultimate spring cleaning checklist - windowsWashing windows is one of the most unpleasant chores – laborious and time consuming. But when the spring is coming and the sun is shining we realize that the windows need deep cleaning. That’s why this obligation is inevitable part of our spring cleaning. It is good to use a soft cloth such as microfiber, to avoid danger of smearing the glass, and warm water of course. For more shine, some housewives add few drops of vinegar. Others wash the windows with a newspaper, as its ink contains substances that add more luster of the glass.

Once you have finished with your ultimate spring cleaning checklist, remains only to apply the finishing touches and to welcome the spring. Surround yourself with the scent of spring flowers, pull the curtains and let the sun rays in your home.