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Six household cleaning tricks

Nowadays on the market are a lot of household cleaners for every fabric and different surface, which you can think about. But these domestic helpers are full of chemistries that can cause allergies, rashes, coughing and what not unpleasant conditions. That is why if you are sensitive to certain cleaning product or just looking for their alternative, see what secret weapons are lurking in your kitchen. By using secret cleaners that you already have in your house, you will keep yourself healthy, won’t need to go to the store and save money to yourself. Take a look below for some helpful .

White vinegar

six household cleaning tricks-white vinegarBesides the culinary qualities of the vinegar, this household product has a wide spectrum of spread. It participated in the house cleaning and successfully drives away bad odors. Vinegar is useful for health and home – its acid destroys viruses and bacteria. It removes stains and grease, clean water containers and some metals. For example microwaves, dishwashers, coffee makers, electric kettle and etc. You can also use it to clean any kind of floor except the ones who has wax on it. Actively used as deodorizer and liquidator of limestone deposits in the bathroom. You may do not know, but one of the most useful properties of this household spice is that it can clean even the mold. Grab a sponge and vinegar will clean it easily. The white vinegar could do a lot of household cleaning tricks.

Coffee grounds

six household cleaning tricks-coffee groundsCoffee is not only used to wake up you at the morning, it is also known as a neutralizer of odors. In perfumeries are offered bowl of beans to sniff before you smell another different scents. This is used to forget the smell of the previous perfume. That is why if you have a problem with the smell of the refrigerator or freezer, just put a bowl of coffee beans inside and wait for it to work. You can leave them there for a month or two and rejoice the fresh and pleasant odor from the fridge.

Rubber glove

six household cleaning tricks-rubber gloveWhen we have a pet, the hair, which it leaves behind is one of the most difficult things to clean. Sometimes even the vacuum cleaner is not sufficient to collect everything and no matter how hard we try, our carpet remains full of hair. To deal with this annoying problem, do this household cleaning tricks – go with a rubber glove on the floor and to the places that are difficult to reach. And you will see, the hair will stick to it instantly.


six household cleaning tricks-newspaperCleaning windows is among the most unpleasant household tasks – it is tedious, laborious and time consuming. But if you have a newspaper on hand and plain water, it will be easy and quick to clean them. This is one of the best and useful household cleaning tricks. The reason we used newspaper is that its ink contains substances that add more luster of the glass. Another helpful thing that you can do, before to throw away your newspaper, is to remove some garbage dirt. Place it at the bottom of your trashcan, the newspaper will absorb leaks and odors.

Baking soda

six household cleaning tricks-baking sodaBaking soda – there are a lot of household cleaning tricks that you can do with it. It is one of the most effective and cheap cleaners – removes fats and tanned, smells and even unclogs drains. When you start cleaning the oven, hob and tanned dishes you can prepare a paste of soda. All you need to do is to mix a bit of baking soda with a little water and stirring until obtaining a creamy texture. Baking soda also has the capacity to absorb odors. For people who don’t like the cigarette smoke, we can recommend the following – take a little bit of baking soda and drop it at the bottom of the ashtray to avoid the smoking smell. The most miraculous effect of baking soda, however, you can achieve when cleaning toilets and drain suction. Pour a cup of baking soda, then pour a cup of vinegar, wait for a while and rinse with hot water.


six household cleaning tricks-lemonsThis is a fruit acid, which perfectly dissolves fat and removes unpleasant odors. For example if you want to clean smudged knives and make them shine again, put them in a glass full of lemon juice. The acid will burn and remove the residual fat and yellowing. You can use lemon juice at the bathroom as well, it will clean taps and all other metal parts and will avoid accumulating limescale. But this is not its only use as a cleaning agent. If you mix it with olive oil in the ratio 1:2 you will have high quality polish for wooden furniture. Lemon juice mixed with salt wonderfully removed and rust stains.

Frequent use of cleaners at home can endanger the health of its inhabitants, especially the youngest. That is why if you want to make your home looks tidy and clean, you do not need to use a whole room in it for the variety of texture and price cleaning products. Simply take a look in your kitchen for one of the those household cleaning tricks we listed above.