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The most overlooked places to clean

Overlooked places to clean

Each of us thinks that with the regular weekly cleaning, we have removed the bacteria and the germs from our home. Yes, you are cleaning the bathroom constantly, wiping the dust everyday and running the vacuum a few times a week. But do you think that this is enough? Don’t you miss something? According to a number of studies, there are places in our home that need to be sanitized everyday because of the high number of germs that are hiding there. Take a look below in this article for the most overlooked places to clean, and find out how to release them of germs.

Entrance mats

The most overlooked places to clean - door matThe doormat is placed right before the entrance to keep the dirt outside. However, if the surface is not cleaned regularly, its function turns and instead retains dirt, the mat starts to import dirt. This way you are risking to spread a lot of bacteria and germs inside the rooms. To avoid all of this, do not forget to clean the entrance mats regularly, and even sometimes to wash it.

Kitchen sink and refrigerator

The most overlooked places to clean - kitchen sinkIn your kitchen are living the most dangerous germs in the whole house, and most of them are hiding in the sink. In the sink are retaining a lot of dirt and debris, because we use it constantly for many and various purposes. It is desirable to clean it with detergent or vinegar at the end of the day to remove the food residues and with them all the bacteria and germs. The same applies to the refrigerator (in particular the handles and the shelves), it needs continuous disinfection with a sponge moistened with warm water.

Tech gadgets

The most overlooked places to clean - tech gadgetsThe computer keyboard is also filled with bacteria, on the keys are always located a lot of staphylococci. Some keyboards have more germs than even can be found on the toilet bowl. In order to protect the health of your family is good wash your hands before using the computer and after that. From time to time clean the keyboard with a special vacuum cleaner, especially if you have a habit of eating while you work. The same goes for the remote control and your cell phone. There also remain many bacteria because they live in the tiny fat droplets secreted by the skin of our fingers. It is good to use wet wipes with disinfectant for daily maintenance


The most overlooked places to clean - toothbrushThe cup or container, in which you store your toothbrush, is one of the most overlooked places to clean. Mold loves moist and dark places, such as the bottom of the cup, which over time becomes a breeding ground for harmful microorganisms. Thus the germs can be transferred to your hands and the toothbrush itself goes directly into your mouth. The cup in which you store your toothbrush should be regularly disinfected and washed. From time to time you can even use the dishwasher to clean it. A tip from us: if you want to keep the cup clean for a long time, you can put paper towel on the bottom to absorb moisture.

Light switches and door handles

The most overlooked places to clean - door handlesThe door handles are the next overlooked places to clean. Right there are located microbes which you will probably bring in to your mouth, because unconsciously you can touch your lips. The same goes for the light switches, that are daily touched by many people and most likely are teeming with bacteria. These places need to be sanitized thoroughly with a disinfectant to kill the harmful germs. It is good to do this constantly in order to protect yourself and your family from infections.


The most overlooked places to clean - bathroomThe tub in our bathroom can be full of germs and bacteria if you do not care enough about its purity. To keep yourself healthy and fresh is good to clean the tub with detergent after each use. The towels are one the most overlooked places to clean in the bathroom. They retain moisture, which allows the microorganisms to multiply. It is recommended the towels to be washed in the laundry at least once a week. Run a high temperature cycle and use strong detergent, to make sure that the bacteria are gone.

Mattresses and pillows

The most overlooked places to clean - matressessBrand new pillow can double its weight for three years, because of the remnants of house dust, dead skin cells and bacteria that accumulate on it. All of these microscopic remnants can make the people more susceptible to allergies. Laundering the pillows will help you to keep them fresh and free of germs. Do this once on every three months with hot water for 20-30 minutes. Almost the same is the situation with mattresses. Average on the bed there are more than 10,000 house dust mites. Experts recommend the mattresses to be cleaned at least once a week and it is good to be changed every five years. If you use a mattress protector it can significantly reduce the accumulation of dust.

Now when you know where all the bacteria and germs are hiding, you can keep those places in tip – top shape. By maintaining your house clean ,nice and fresh you will prevent your family of all different kind of allergies and microbes harmful for the health.