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Oven Cleaning

You are near to the end of your tenancy? It is time for moving out? You have already finished with the stuffs packaging? Now, the last thing you need to do before you leave the house is to clean it out. Just because, if you leave the place like a mess you might not get your deposit back. It is important to learn how to prepare for end of tenancy cleaning inspection in London area so that you can walk away without any damage fees.

Cleaning the kitchen is the hardest and longest part of the end of tenancy cleaning. And the oven cleaning can be a problem for you, especially if you did not care of it during the time you were living in the house.To get the oven really clean you would use one to two cans (depending on whether you ever cleaned the oven while you lived in the house) of oven cleaner. Most of the oven cleaners have the same ingredients such as lye (either sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide). It is no secret that these are highly hazardous substances which can cause the skin, eyes burn or can be fatal if swallowed.
Cleaning the oven is not cheap. One can of oven cleaner can be from ₤3-4 to ₤10-12. If you use more expensive ones you will see better results. You are able to use any cheaper oven cleaners substitutes but then the results would not cover your expectations nor the tenant. You need to know that except money for the cleaner, you should spend money for protective equipments (such as gloves, an apron or goggles).


So how to clean your oven the way it should be done:

1. You need to have protective equipment such as gloves or goggles.

2. You should not breathe the fumes. That’s why you have to be sure that there is plenty of fresh air and the ventilation in the kitchen is strong enough during oven cleaning.

3. To protect the floor from dripping cleaner you need to place newspapers or unusable towels in front of the oven.

4. First, apply two cans of the cleaning product to the inside of the cooker, the broiler sheet, and the grates. Also remove the drip pans from the cooker and apply cleaning products to them as well.

5. Most of the oven cleaners require a long time to work, around 24 hours. So, you should not use the oven!

6. When the time has passed, you need to rub all surfaces using a brush or a sponge while the dirt has been removed.

7. Now, after one day waiting you have to remove the cleaning product from all of the surfaces. First, wipe down all of the oven surfaces by using a sponge and paper towels. Rinse with clean water. Check the light bulb in the overhead hood. Then clean the vent.

8. If it is needed, you can repeat steps from 4 to 7.

9. It’s recommended that clothes used while cleaning should be washed before re-wearing, which adds to the housework-load.

Disclaimer: Before you start to use the oven cleaner you need to read the safely directions carefully, many oven cleaners require that they must not be used on areas where other products have been used, due to chemical reactions. Also like all oven cleaners are chemicals, they are not suitable for use on enamel, A-gas or stainless steel. Do not ignore the directions on the can!
This is your oven before us.
This will be after one of our teams has cleaned your house.

You do not like the idea that you have to spend few hours breathing fumes, wearing gloves and an apron while cleaning your oven and even you have to pay to buy some cleaning products! Why do not let the professionals do the job. There is cheaper, easier and faster way to clean your oven or kitchen at all. Call us or find us on! Our cleaning company works with the best cleaners in the UK. We would clean your whole apartment even faster than you could clean only the oven. And it is not everything we can offer . We can help you with your end of tenancy cleaning in London area at all. We can help you to move out or move in to your new home by our professional and reliable removals services. Our experienced professional teams can help you to clean your carpets, gardens, and they also can remove your rubbish as well. And if you wonder how much it will cost you, that is easy you can check our prices or if you want to talk to as in person you can call as at any time or you can use the live chat on the bottom right corner!