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How to clean after pets?

Clean after pets

For a short time pets are becoming beloved family member – someone who offers you unconditional love, not complaining and just gently remind for itself when the lunch is delayed. Sometimes, however, with their help house turned upside down and it requires urgent measures. Then arises the question “How to clean after pets?”. According to the majority of owners of pets, the biggest problem is cleaning the hair from sofas, chairs, floors, pretty much everywhere in the house. These hairs can be a terrible ordeal for cleaning, not to mention that cat and dog fur are among the most common causes of allergic reactions. In order to avoid unpleasant consequences for your health, and maximum to facilitate the cleaning after your four-legged friend, we will offer you helpful hints for clean home with pets.


The cats and dogs have electric charge that makes their fur to stick really easily everywhere. Here are some ways to remove hair from furniture:

  • how to clean after pets - upholsteryBelieve it or not, the rubber is your best friend when you need to clean after pets the upholstery. We all know how the short hairs are hammering very stubborn at the fabric. That is why the easiest way to remove hair from upholstered surfaces or any kind of textile, is to put a pair of rubber gloves on your hands and thoroughly to wet them. Then pass hands over the surfaces. The hair will stick to the gloves. Wash them when filled with fur and soak again if necessary. If you do not have rubber gloves handy, you can always use rubber squeegee or a sponge
  • how to clean after pets - wooden furnitureIf you have wooden furniture with pet hair always sticked on it, don’t wonder how to handle it. All you need to know is that it is because of the static electricity. Use anti-static spray – it will eliminate electric charge. After that you will remove the hair very easily just with a simple soft cloth. The spray will reduce the likelihood the fur of your favorite animal stick again everywhere. Instead of anti static spray you can apply furniture polish or just a soft cloth soaked with water to clean after pets you joinery.


  • how to clean after pets - hardwood floorsDo you wonder how to clean after pets your hardwood floor? Yes, you are right it is very easy to remove hair from your pet by using a vacuum cleaner. But do not forget that you risk to disperse hair everywhere because vacuum exhausts, plus that at the end you can have your vacuum clogged. So to avoid all this, you can use microfiber or electrostatic dust mop to collect fur. In the long term you can consider to buy a vacuum robot. These automatic devices cleaned without you and can be a huge convenience if you have a pet. Just make sure that you buy a device with the appropriate functions and you will see how easy is to clean after pets.
  • how to clean after pets - carpetsFor getting rid of pet hair from the carpets you can use a vacuum cleaner, but it is good to sprinkle some baking soda at first. We will tell you why, it will help to release the fur from the fibres and will take away the unpleasant odors. If you think that vacuum cleaner won’t help to gather all the hair from the carpet, there is a smart trick to deal with this. Grab a mop handle with a rubber squeegee on its end and start cleaning. The rubber blade will take out the hair on balls and then it will be easy for you to collect them.


how to clean after pets - clothesDo not wear the fur of your pets, there many ways to protect yourself of it. One of the easiest ways is to roll a tape around your palm with the sticky part outside and thoroughly collect the hair from your clothes. Another convenient option is to stock up with some lint rollers. You can place them everywhere you need: close to the door, in your bag or in the car for easy and quick clean ups. If those tricks are not working and you consider that the fur on your clothes is too much, the dryer comes to help. Just put your clothes in the dryer and run it on a short cycle (10 minutes are enough). In order to achieve better results you can add a dryer ball or a dryer sheet, they will help to collect more hair and make your clothes clean.


how to clean after pets - pets themselvesIt is good to know how to take the best care for your animal skin and fur, because this way you will reduce the fallen hair. The most common and simple way is to brush up frequently your pet. This helps to remove the death hair before it falls on the ground, also thus the fur of your pet will have a nice look. Do not forget that brushing your pet regularly, boost your dog’s skin and keep it healthy. Combing your four legged friend during bathing helps likewise to get rid of tufts of hair. For several years there is an appliance on the market, which sucked the fur of the animal before it falls. You need to place this attachment on the vacuum hose. Besides collecting old hair, it removes dead skin cells and gently combs your pet. Yes it sounds wonderful and very easy, but we both know that this will happen only if your animal friend allows you.

The pets are bringing a lot of joy to their owners, but with that come the problems with the cleaning. Do not let all of this to prevent the friendship with your faithful pet. By following these simple steps above you will spend more time playing with your animal and less to clean after him.