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Floor cleaning – tips and tricks

Every day you going out to work, to the shop or simply on a stroll, and when you come back the soles of your shoes are nearly black of grime. Somehow some of that dirt finally ends up on your floor. So, without mentioning the accidental spills and scratches, your floor become dusty and grime every day. That is why mainly in domestic hygiene is always keeping the floors clean. But any kind of flooring has its own characteristics and specific requirements for floor cleaning equipment and detergents. It is good to know your floor type, so you can get the best solution how to clean it. Whit this article will show you how clean different types of flooring.

Ceramic tiles

how to clean different types of flooring-ceramic tilesCeramic tiles are preferred modern flooring for kitchens, bathrooms and other rooms of the home, which are getting wet pretty much every day. But if you want to keep them nice and shine, you need regularly to clean the dust, crumbs and other debris with a vacuum cleaner. For a basic washing is good enough to use a mop, warm water and a few drops of vinegar. To prevent sticky floor, always replace the water when it gets muddy. After you wash the tiles, you better dry them to avoid sticking of new dirt or stains, caused by sludge water. In case you spill out something on the floor, immediately dry it, because the longer it stays liquid, the more absorbed into the grout.

Tips and tricks:

  • For grease stains on the tiles use warm water with vinegar into it.
  • If you want to refresh and clean the grout, use a cream cleaner of baking soda and water
  • We advise you not to use bleach cleaners, because they can decolorize the grout.

Laminate floor

how to clean different types of flooring-laminate floorIf you choose the right floor cleaning method, your laminate can look like a new for years. To achieve this, remove the moss and dust, by cleaning the laminate daily with a vacuum cleaner. It is good enough to wash it once or twice a week, use warm water with a proper laminate detergent. Mop it along the laminate boards. After you’re done with the mopping, we advise you to dry the laminate by using a cloth. Leaving the laminate surface wet, you are in a risk of deforming it. Also avoid using steel wool and abrasive cleaners.

Tips and tricks: If you want you can make your own laminate detergent, all you need are a few ingredients: a gallon of warm water, ¼ c of vinegar and a little bit of a dish soap. And do not forget to apply a wax after you clean the laminate.

Hardwood floor

how to clean different types of flooring-hardwood floorHonestly, wood floors are pretty easy to clean, that is why they are so favorite and preferred. First of all you need to know is: how is your wood floor sealed? Most of them have polyurethane or polyacrylic finish. This means that they are resistant on water and stains, and easy to clean. Just grab the vacuum cleaner and pick up the loose dust and other particles, make sure that you are using a nozzle with a soft brush. For wet floor cleaning use a detergent for wood floors and mop it until the surface get nice and shine. Always dry the floor with a soft cloth, do not allow to be scratched due to negligence or carelessness to not lose its representativeness and brightness.

Tips and tricks: Not that often, but sometimes the floor could be treated with penetrating seal or oil finish. This means that they could be cleaned with a liquid or paste wax only.

Vinyl floor

how to clean different types of flooring-vinyl floorEven on a hard traffic condition, vinyl floor is resistant, long lasting and also very attractive. Another plus of this type of floor, especially for a woman, is that the vinyl is comparatively easy to clean and if you know how to care for it, you could save its attractive appearance. All you need to do at first is to vacuum it, so you can eliminate any dust, grime and hair. Do not forget to go under the furniture, there is always hiding something. Now you can move on to wet floor cleaning, grab a plain mop and warm water and you can start mopping.

Tips and tricks: You can always add a few drops of apple cider vinegar into the water, for more intensive cleaning. We advise you not to use any paste wax, abrasive cleaners or ammonia based once.

Limestone floor

how to clean different types of flooring-limestone floorYes it is true limestone has a long lasting life, but it is also comparatively soft. That is why you need to be very careful when you clean it. As with every one type of flooring, this one also starts with a broom, vacuum or just a dry mop. Make sure that you will clean all the grime and other particles, because in case you miss them, they could scratch the limestone when you start with the wet cleaning. For the wet cleaning you can use a regular soap or one specially designed for limestone.

Tips and tricks: Put it on the spot and let it get dry, leave for bit longer and then remove it using a scraper.

The floor cleaning process and the materials that you use depend on the type of your flooring. Similar in all types of surfaces is the use of high quality professional cleaners and disinfectants, professional cleaning mops, bucket and brushes. It is good to clean up spills and pollution as soon as possible after they occur, this will make your job easier.