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Eco cleaning methods for our house

Eco cleaning methods

The eco wave conquered many aspects of our lifestyle. Many of us are trying to lead a healthy way of life in harmony with the nature. Except in nutrition, sport activities, sorting the garbage, the eco wave also affects to the cleaning. Eco cleaning aims at optimal use of non – chemical, eco friendly cleaning techniques, thereby seeks to not adversely affect the environment. In simple terms: healthy cleaning without hurting the nature. Sometimes, carried away by flashy advertisements, we are buying a lot of chemical cleaning products. We are forgetting that nature is often the best decision for the maintenance of our home. In this article we will offer you some ideas for simple and harmless eco cleaning methods for dealing with the household tasks.

Baking soda

Eco cleaning methods for our house - baking sodaThe baking soda, which we know well and we can find in every kitchen, is among the most effective helpers in the household. It is soft and natural abrasive and can be used to clean almost everything – sink and toilet in the bathroom, kitchen greasy stains, polishing silverware, even drain suction. Besides the excellent detergent properties, the baking soda successfully removes unpleasant odors.

Green recipes:

  • To clean the oven and the microwave, you can prepare a paste by mixing baking soda with some water. Dip the wet sponge in the prepared mixture and rub the dirty spots.
  • To refresh your old carpet, sprinkle it with baking soda to absorb and neutralize the odors. Let it stand for several hours, then clean it with the vacuum.
  • The baking soda will help if you need to clean the toilets and drain suction. Pour into the drain one cup baking soda, and then pour a cup of vinegar. Wait for a bit and rinse with hot water.

White vinegar

Eco cleaning methods for our house - white vinegarPlain white vinegar used as a seasoning, also can successfully replace the expensive chemical cleaners. It handles with the limestone, dirt on glass, metal and other smooth surfaces, giving them shine. The white vinegar also has another useful feature – it is the perfect mold killer. The only thing to be careful is that some surfaces do not react positively to the vinegar. The marble and aluminum for example, can change their colors.

Green recipes:

  • Put in the oven a cup of vinegar and leave to heat until boiling. It will spattered the walls of the oven. After 20 minutes will be very easy to clean the oven just with a damp cloth;
  • The white vinegar breaks the limescale. Cover the spots, where it accumulates, with a soft cloth and pour it with hot vinegar. The role of the fabric is to retain much longer the liquid and thus to extend the action of the vinegar;
  • White vinegar combined with baking soda, are the perfect “killer” of mold. Mix those two ingredients and add water to form liquor suitable for spray.

Essential oils

Eco cleaning methods for our house - essential oilsReplace the air fresheners full with chemicals, with natural essential oils. They will fulfill your home with fresh fragrance and plus that the oils have different healing properties. For example the lavender has soothing and antibacterial effect and also can drives away the moths from home. If you want to get rid of other flying insects, try with eucalyptus oil.

Green recipes:

  • Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil in the bag of the vacuum cleaner. When cleaning with it, it will gently flavored the air.


Eco cleaning methods for our house - lemonsThis product that is completely natural has unique properties when it comes to eco cleaning. The lemons have high acid content, which allows the fruit to work as a powerful disinfectant. Lemons are a “killer” of the most common bacteria in households. The eco cleaning methods below will help you to get that fruit in use and replace a lot of chemical cleaners.

Green recipes:

  • The windows can be cleaned perfectly with 4 tablespoons freshly squeezed lemon juice mixed with 1/2 gallon of warm water;
  • If you mix lemon juice with olive oil in the ratio 1: 2, you will have a great cleaner for polishing wooden furniture;
  • Lemon juice mixed with salt, perfectly removes rust stains;

Corn Starch

Eco cleaning methods for our house - cornstarchThe corn starch is not only food ingredient, it can also find widespread application when talking about eco cleaning methods. It will help you to get rid of greasy stains on delicate colorful clothes. This product polishes furniture, clean carpets and rugs.

Green recipes:

  • Mix 1 cup water with 1/2 cup of starch and use the solution to clean the windows;
  • If you want to remove grease stains from clothing apply a small amount of cornstarch to the affected area to absorb the oil. After that wash the clothes as usual;
  • If you spill something on the carpet, pour on it a little starch. Let it soak the stain for 15- 30 minute. Then clean the carpet with a vacuum to collect the remnants of starch.


The unflavoured, natural soap will help you to replace most of the chemical cleaners. But be aware to not use soaps the has in its formulation petroleum distillates. Use warm water and soap on a clean microfiber cloth to remove almost 100% of germs. Grate finely soap mixed with water can be used instead of detergent or cleaner for floors.

The chemicals in the cleaning detergents will not disappear with the end of the cleanup. Some of them continue acting until two weeks after cleaning. This can cause many different allergies. Using the above eco cleaning methods, you will have fresh, clean and healthy home without chemical and unsafe cleaners that you will find in the stores.