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Cleaning tips dust or vacuum first.

Dust or vacuum first

In cleaning the house passes a significant part of housewife life. You have cleaned your home two days ago but there is already dust on the floor, on the furniture and in the air – pretty much everywhere. And then again you need to grab the cloth and the hoover and start cleaning. But have you ever wondered: what is the right way to refresh your home – clean the dust or vacuum first? In this article we will offer you arguments in favor of both statements of this dilemma, so that everyone can judge which strategy to grab, the one that fits perfectly on your home.


cleaning tips dust or vacuum first - dustingMany people are cleaning their homes by starting from top to the bottom. That means when you are cleaning a particular room, start by removing cobwebs from the ceiling and walls, then clean the fan and lighting fixtures, followed by window frames and accessories on the walls. Working downwards cleans the furniture and sills. And then at the end comes the vacuum to clean the dust and debris that may ended on your floor during the whole cleaning. This method of cleaning reduces the risk of dust accumulation on sites that already have cleaned. In wiping the dust is good to use quality microfiber towels. They tend to collect a lot of dirt and that avoid spreading dust in the air.


cleaning tips dust or vacuum first - vacuumingFrom the other side on this dilemma: “Clean the dust or vacuum first?”, also sounds reasonable to start cleaning your home with the hoover. The strongest argument supporting this thesis is that your vacuum cleaner can spread in the air a lot of small particles, that are not been sucked up. It means that, all that dust returns on already cleaned surfaces like furniture, window frames, counters, and upholstery. That is why some people consider that it make sense to clean with your vacuum first and then you can start removing the dust.

Both theories have their pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, there isn’t wrong or right answer on this question. Maybe it’s better for everyone of you to choose the option that best fits on your home and your idea about cleaning. It is up to you which theory you are going to follow, we can offer you some tips that will help with the cleaning no matter if you dust or vacuum first.

Cleaning tips

  • Take a good care for your vacuum cleaner, by changing the bags on every 3 uses. When doing this constantly you will prevent the spread of dust mites in the air during the next use of the appliance;
  • Wipe with a damp cloth (with water or anti-static spray) – thus the dust sticks to the cloth and there is no danger to be spread through the air;
  • It is good to look for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high-efficiency particulate air) filter, which retains small dust particles;
  • When cleaning, be sure to go outside and beat by hand the decorative pillows, bedspreads, blankets, since the home textiles collect a lot of dust mites;
  • Make sure to change the air filters in your air conditioner at least once a month;
  • Maintaining a high humidity in the room means less static electricity, which in turn is a prerequisite for reducing the amount of house dust to the furniture and appliances;
  • In the future you may consider purchasing an air purifier, place it where you want and let it working all day long.

Of course the dust and the debris will not disappear following only these rules. However, there is a high probability next cleaning instead of tomorrow, be postponed for a few days after. In this way you will be able to take some time and spend it with your family and save yourself a lot of effort and nerves.