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Clean house is a sign of a wasted life

It is assumed that a woman should be able to take care of the house in which she lives, nevertheless if it is parents’ house, lodgings or shared apartment with boyfriend. Of course, everyone knows how to take care of its home – it is 21st century, there are vacuum cleaners, there are cleaners for any kind of surface, and if an appliance stops working we are going to call the technicians. But the question is not whether we can have clean house, but how much time we are willing to spend in cleaning it. According to some research, the women spend 30 hours a week in cleaning and still the time is too short to complete all tasks. But have you ever wondered: is it worth it to spend all that time in cleaning? There are two types of women:

  • clean house is a sign of a wasted life - no time for yourselfТhe first type of women believe that clean house is akin to orderly life. They cannot sleep if each item, each seating in their home is not clean to shine. Until their precise look not sure that everything is in its place. Those perfect housewives will scrub the oven, clean and rearrange the shelves, there won’t be cobwebs on the ceiling and the windows will sparkle like new. But at the sacrifice of purity, the woman lost her own comfort, the tranquility of her family and the life just passes by you, without having a time to enjoy it.
  • clean house is a sign of a wasted life - feel goodThe other type of women profess the maxim: “The order is for the weak ones, the strong people rule over the chaos”. We cannot say that those women are careless, just because they believe that the stove does not deserve 30 minutes of their only life. Yes they also like cleanliness and order, but what they first of all want is to clean their soul, read a book… love and have fun. House and the work on it will always waiting for you, but when you’ve taken care for yourself, you will find it easier to care for the house.

It is natural to feel a desire to keep your home warm and cozy, at least for the people you love. It is also quite natural when the fatigue and stress suppress you, because of the piles of chores, you want to give up of this cause, simply because there is no physical time and opportunity to do so. But the key to balancing the two paradoxically consists in accepting the fact that life is not perfect and the constant pursuit of the ideal household mission is counterproductive. If you want to be a perfect housewife, you should know exactly what and how to do it so that everyone (including your own) to feel happy. Here are some tips on how to have a clean house, but without forgetting about our interests and feelings:


  • Do not look to the cleaning of the house as a boring obligation. Instead, play your favorite music and while you are cleaning – sing and dance. Occasionally you can stop to eat a piece of chocolate or to drink a glass of wine (juice, coffee) – the body needs energy, and the brain – the thought of reward. In case you do not know how to deal with something, simply call your mother – she can teach you how to make your home shine with a slice of lemon.
  • Another helpful idea about how to get done with your home, especially if you are working so many hours is to hire professional cleaning service, to make your home nice and tidy place. by hiring a cleaning company, you will be able to concentrate on other equally important things – more time for children, your husband and you itself. You will be able to relax and release your mind after a hard day’s work. One more reason to look for a cleaning company is that an unswept floors and unmade beds will not greeting you when come back, instead you will have nice and cozy clean house.

Life is like a movie, and we ourselves are producers in it, life is such we ourselves do it. And no matter whether if you are working, taking care for your kids or you are balancing between the two fronts, with a reasonable daily schedule and with a bit of professional service you can be perfect in every respect – as mother and housewife.clean house is a sign of a wasted life - harmony