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Bathroom bacteria removal techniques

Bacteria in the bathroom

Bathroom is the room in which starts and ends the day of the whole family. But because of moisture and heat, the bathroom is a favorite refuge for countless bacteria that might be dangerous to your health. It might sound strange, but a fact – the bathroom, in which you maintain your overall hygiene to be tidy and healthy, is actually quite dirty and full of toxins room. On the top of that, when the sanitary equipment is not kept clean, it affects the quality of its work. Performing a few simple steps for maintenance of sanitary equipment in the bathroom, however, can save us a lot of headaches and money. Here are some tested bathroom bacteria removal techniques:


Clean the shower

how to clean the bacteria in the bathroom - showerImagine that you have been working all day long, and you cannot wait to come back at home and take a shower. But what would you do if the douche is filthier of you. Bacteria in the shower are about 100 times more than those in the water. If you want to reduce their amount you can replace the plastic shower with a metal. And if it is movable, dip it in a bowl of vinegar and water and let it stand for several hours, even you can leave it overnight. Scratch the holes with a toothbrush or use a pin to remove the clogging. Then rinse the shower with hot water and polish it with soft towel. In case that your shower is static, there is another helpful bathroom bacteria removal trick: pour warm vinegar in a plastic bag and tie it around. After a few hours wash with hot water and dry.

Clean the shower curtain

how to clean the bacteria in the bathroom - shower curtainThe curtain is also a good source of bacteria because it retains moisture and forming a mold. But only because it’s dirty it doesn’t mean that you need to toss it. Take your time, there is a very easy bathroom bacteria removal technique how to clean it and bring it back to the rail. Put the curtain into the washing machine along with 2 -3 larger towels. Add a detergent and bleach, run a program with a low temperature (the friction between towels and curtain creates additional heat). The bleach will destroy the mold, the towels will act as brushes to remove the stains and the detergent will wash everything. And do not worry about the wrinkled edges, the steam and the heat will fix everything. Your curtain shower will be like a new.

Clean the bathroom sink

how to clean the bacteria in the bathroom - bathroom sinkBecause of the fact that the sink is a place which collects stuffs like makeup, toothpaste, foam, soap and limescale, it could be a “bathroom bacteria removal” challenge for you to make it shine everyday. It is recommended to clean the sink once in a week, this way you will keep the microbes away of it. Wet thoroughly the sink surface, then put a few spoonfuls of the powder directly on the stain, wipe the spots by using a sponge or microfiber cloth. You can always use baking soda as a powder. There is a smart and environment friendly way to disinfect your sink: grab a few paper towels soak them with vinegar, then thoroughly cover to entire sink. Leave them there for 15-20 minutes and then rinse the sink with water and soap.

Clean the toilet

how to clean the bacteria in the bathroom5Cleaning the toilet is one of the duties you want to finish as soon as possible. That is why it is good to use strong disinfectants to kill the microbes immediately. Apply a cleaning product inside and on the edges of the toilet bowl. Close the lid and let it to work for about 10 minutes, then scrub with a brush and wash with a strong jet of hot water. If you want to keep your toilet clean constantly, wipe the toilet rim after each use. And instead of using toxic products you can make your own bathroom bacteria removal product by using a cup of vinegar and a tablespoon of baking soda.

Cleaning the bathtub

how to clean the bacteria in the bathroom - bathtubNothing will make your day ends better that a hot tub, you will relax and take away the stress. But it looks like the bathtubs are like a magnet for microbes, mold and stubborn stains. That is why if you want to keep it like a new, it is good clean it immediately after use with soap or mild detergent solution and dry with a soft cloth. Regular cleaning will prevent insoluble limestone and other deposits. Use liquid detergents or those which do not contain abrasive particles, acid or alkaline substances because they can injure the surface. You can prepare a mixture of baking soda, soap and a few drops of aromatic oil.

Whatever you do your bathroom remains the wettest room at home. To deal with moisture in the bathroom it is good to have a window, ventilation, or both. Very often the bacteria are the cause of unpleasant odor in the room, which will not disappear with putting some fresheners. That is why use those simple and easy bathroom bacteria removal techniques and clean it regularly and mercilessly. The bathroom should be cleaned at least once a week and even more if you have big family.