Wood furniture cleaning

It is easy for you to notice when your favourite piece of wood furniture needs to be cleaned. There are so many things and actions that blemish your wood furniture. For example, food and water mark tables and sideboards. Also using the wrong cleaning product you could damage your wood furniture.

So, the right and regular maintenance is really important for the good looking furniture. To keep your furniture without scratches you have to dust them often by using dry and soft cloth or further duster. Because if you skip the routine dusting, on the furniture could build up airborne deposits which can scratch your furniture surfaces. To avoid scattering the dust into the air dampen the cloths slightly.

Using the gentlest cleansers will help you to protect your wood furniture. But before you apply the cleaning product on all over the furniture first, you have to test it on the inside of a furniture. It is not good to use products that contain a high percentage of oil because they make the surface smear and show fingerprints. Also avoid polishing with pure olive oil, which smears and attracts dust. Most commercial spray and liquid wood furniture polishes contain silicone oil, which provides some protection.

For a fine wood furniture deep-cleaning you have to find out which is the right cleaning method and the right cleaners. Because using wrong method and products can be downright dangerous to the furniture.

Here you will read about one of the best wood furniture cleaning methods and some really nice cleaners.

!This cleaning method is only for wood furniture that is not painted!

Shopping list:

  • Boiled linseed oil
  • Turpentine
  • White vinegar
  • Soft cloths
  • Old toothbrush
  • Drop cloth or newspapers
  • Rubber gloves
  • Small container
  • Face mask
  • Paper towels
  • Vacuum with attachments

Let’s get started!

  1. Before you start you have to know that the solution which you are going to use have a really strong smell. So, you have to choose a well ventilated area work area. The best choice is outside. Because you do not want your home to smell after the wood furniture cleaning.
  2. Next step is to prepare your work place. Using cheap drop cloth or newspapers cover the floor.
  3. To protect yourself use rubber gloves and face mask.
  4. Bring the wood furniture one by one outside.
  5. Start by wiping every piece down using paper towels. By this you will remove most of the grim. After you have done with wiping off the wood furniture, vacuum the powder from the crevices and corners by vacuum cleaner with the brush attachment.
  6. Make a mixture from equal parts of the vinegar, turpentine ans linseed oil.
  7. Next, damp dry cloths gently with the mixture. Wipe the grime and dirt off of the wood surface gently. Do not soak the furniture with the home-made cleaner only wipe the liquid with the grain of the wood.
  8. The dirt will gone by sustained rubbing. To prevent the furniture from damages scrub lightly.
  9. Apply the cleaner on corners and designs by using old toothbrush. Wipe off by using a clean towel.
  10. When after wiping the cloth is clean, you do not need to put more effort on the pieces of wood furniture. Even you do no need to swill them.
  11. Let the wood to dry absolutely.
  12. To return the shine of your wood furniture, just polish them gently with clean cloth.
  13. Get rid of any cloths with the cleaner on them immediately because they can automatically combust and start a fire.

This is really simple method which will make your wood furniture look like new and will keep them longer in your home.

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