removals services

Removals Services

Moving home or office is stressful enough without having to worry about how to safely and efficiently transport your belongings and furniture. We offer a professional and reliable removals services in London, covering domestic and commercial removals. ShineLine Ltd. has professionally trained and experienced teams to provide these services for you. We use the newest packing materials, which are made by purpose for every single client. This makes the packaging process a way easier and faster. Also our packaging materials are environmentally friendly. So, if you decide to use our services, you will move your home or office fast, easy, without any worries and also you will keep the environment clean.

We can provide you with some different packaging options:

First option is full house pack. This service is usually offered the day before your removal. One of our friendly teams will come when you want to pack all of your stuff. We have proper packaging materials for everything in your home. For example, your records and books will be packed into small housepack cartons, and for your kitchen stuff such as glass and china we offer acid free paper, it will protect them from being tarnished. The packaging materials which we use are made from double wall cartons. This makes them strong and prevent collapses under pressure. Every carton box will be marked. In that way we will be ensure that when we already move your boxes into the new place, they will go to the appropriate rooms.

Breakables only pack is when you require only your delicate items to be packed by us, i.e. glassware, chinaware, fragile ornaments, picture frames etc. we can do this either the day before or, depending on the quantity, on the day of the move. We would still deliver cartons beforehand for you to pack the non-breakables.

Alternatively, you may want to do all of your own packing. In this case we would deliver to you an ample supply of cartons, tape, bubblewrap and paper as soon as you would like them in advance of your move.

We provide these comprehensive services in London as an affordable way to take the stress and strain out of relocating and getting things from A to B. We can even help with dismantling and assembling furniture if you would like us to.

Also we can provide you with an unpacking services. Our experienced teams would unpack and put in order all of your stuffs. The moving process will not be completed without cleaning. That’s why, we can clean your new home after we already unpack your stuffs. These services will save you time and will make the whole moving process easier.

And this is not everything. You can even combine our removals in London service with our professional cleaning service or end of tenancy cleaning in London – perfect if you want to guarantee you get your security deposit back, or if you simply want to cross the moving out cleaning off your to do list.

All of us dream about easier moving process. We are here to make your dreams true. You can easily find us on our website . There you will find out the prices of our services and if you need to ask us questions, you can use the live chat on our website or you can call us.

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