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Having a carpet in your house is something that everybody wants. It gives comfort and add a nice little touch to every home and actually it is something that makes your home special. But there is another story of owning the carpet and that is cleaning the carpet. You may not know but every carpet is also a home for all kind of dust, fungus and microbes. You can find even dust mites on it. And with the time the carpet starts smelling funny even to your pet, which will start running away from it. But don’t worries there is solution for this and it is called professional carpet cleaning.

As we pointed out there are many reason to call for a professional carpet cleaning. Some of them are about making your carpet smells and look like a brand new, others will give your carpet a longer life, which will save you money and time if you have to replace your carpet. Why not to use your carpet for five or even more years and still to look like a new one than to have to replace it every two to three years, which will cost you a small fortune. Also when you take care of your carpet it will improve the overall health in your home because of all the dust and fungus found on the carpet.

What we will recommend you is to call a professional carpet cleaner once in a year and preferably during summer. This is the best time for cleaning your carpet. First it will be fresh and it will smell good for the summer, second it will remove all the dust and dirt that was accumulated during the fall and the winter, while you were not able to open your windows for fresh air so often and third but not last it will kind of make you feel more summer ready. You know, you never know what my the summer brings to your doors.

So let us talk more about the carpet cleaning techniques and especially about the professional carpet cleaning. The professional carpet cleaning is type of cleaning that will not require from you to remove the carpet from your home. We will come with our super-fancy, high-tech, industrial-grade carpet cleaning machines and we will clean it for you. It will take us from couple hours up to a day or even two if you have a big carpet. We will use different types of techniques and we will use only the best on the market cleaning material solutions.

Here I would like to introduce you some of the different techniques we will use:

  1. Hot Water Extraction
  • This method is the one that most of the cleaning companies are using. It is done by a special type of vacuum cleaners and it is intended for large areas. The vacuum cleaner is the most expensive thing here. It can be cleaned with plain hot water or if the client request or it is needed for heavy stains we can use special chemicals for faster and cleaner results. This method also allows us to use some specially design perfumes for carpets which adds a smelly scent after we are done. The scent will stay for around a month which is something that most of the customers want.


  1. Dry compound
  • This is a method where we use a specially design dry compound in order to clean a small and really dirty spots. It is applied with a household brush and involves a lot of rubbing. All the dirt and grimes are attracted by this special compound which is later vacuumed with specially design vacuums. This method leaves immediate results and the carpet is clean and dry.


  1. The bonnet method
  • This method is not a dry cleaning method and most of the times require a drying time, which is why good to be ordered only during the spring or summer. Also it does not clean the whole carpet but only the top third part, making it a quick solution. This is similar to what you can do with a regular vacuum cleaner. It is a temporary and it is a technique that it is used only by client request.


As a conclusion I would like to remind you that every carpet or rug has to be properly cleaned at least once a year. For any rugs or small carpets you can wash them in your bathroom or if you have a backyard you can wash them there. Remember always to use a eco-friendly products and leave them to the sun for proper drying. For any big carpets just to make your life easier call a professional carpet cleaning company. You will save yourself the time, the trouble and if done at least once a year you will save yourself the money for new carpet.

Our carpet cleaning specialists are always ready and prepared for the most stained carpets. If you book us from now you will be able to use our discounts, which will make it even cheaper for you and it will bring the smell, the health and the happiness back to your home. And if you are a tenant our carpet cleaning London service is the best choice you can take. Not because of something else but because our end of tenancy cleaning London service is trusted by many of the major letting agents and landlords and they will call us prior your leaving and they will charge you extra for that, while for us it will be just a regular business day.

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    Suzan Jessie says:

    Carpet cleaning is essential for our health. A dirty clean can become the cause of several health problems. A professional carpet cleaning company will do proper carpet cleaning. So hire a professional cleaning company for carpet cleaning.


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