How to make your kids to clean their bedroom

To get the children want to clean their bedroom is hard and sometimes impossible for the parents. But if the parents teach their children to keep their stuff clean and tidy, this skill will help the children in their future lives. For example, establishing regular routines provides some predictability and stability in life. Knowing how to make and keep order will stand them in good stead during adult life challenges. Making a bed when in the midst of difficult times may seem trivial. But knowing how to go through the motions and create a place that is peaceful are important skills for getting us through hard times. Also, insisting on putting things in order also teaches kids to be responsible for their things. When we show them how to keep things safe, when we teach them how to mend and repair things that are in disrepair, when we encourage them to take the time to organize what they value, we are making the abstract concept of “responsibility” into a concrete set of actions.

We all know what a truly clean room looks like, but how do you get from here to there? How much of it is your child’s responsibility? “Go clean your bedroom” could mean tossing things in the closet until company has gone. It could mean clearing the toys from the floor and sorting game pieces into their boxes, throwing the dirty clothes in the hamper and pulling up the bedspread. It could mean changing the bed, dusting, and vacuuming. It could mean polishing the windows and mirror until they sparkle. So, first you have to explain to your children what they need to do. Set them a good example because kids do not hear what we say but they always watch us and do what we do. Just show them what they have to do and what is normal and what you expect. Good idea is to provide them with a simple step by step check list (you can find an example in the previous article) where they can find and follow steps for perfect children’s bedroom cleaning. Then you have to give them pride of their bedroom. If you make them feel their room like something special and only for them, they will want to keep it tidy and clean. Leave them to decide how their bedroom to look like and to place their stuff wherever they want in the room. Next and really important thing is to not set a time limit on when the bedroom has to be clean by. This only stresses and angers children and does not necessarily motivate them. It may be hours, days, weeks or even months before they give in to temptation. Make sure that when they have given in to temptation (finally!) and started cleaning their bedroom, that you have them keep their bedroom door open. That way you can check on their progress every 10-30 minutes and remind them what they haven’t done yet. And the last thing that you have to do is to check everywhere. If you are happy about what they already done just praise them. If they look really tired tell them that if they keep their stuff in order and clean all the things on time, the weekly cleaning will be faster and easier for them.

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