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How to clean after builders?

Your home is ready for the next step-furnishing, but as well the builders have done their job, always after construction or renovation there is a large amount of dust and debris. These contaminants are heavy and difficult to clean without the proper equipment and materials, and this can lead to delays accommodation. Also collecting dust and dirt could cause serious health problems for your family. So you have to be very precision and thoughtful when you clean after builders.

There are a few steps which will help you to clean after builders and make your home nice and tidy, just the way you like it.


Clean the windows and window sills

how to clean after builders2Window cleaning after renovation or construction is not easy. It is not a secret to anyone that the windows are placed at the very begging. After the window frames and glass are installed, builders begin to inflict plasters, primers, paints, latex and many other building materials. Another major problem when you do “after builders cleaning” is that many of the contructors put protective patches that leave behind a glue, and it’s not easy to be removed. Cleaning the glass and the window frames needs to be careful because there is a risk to injure or scratch them.So at first take all of your tools and supplies for windows cleaning. Fill a bucket with warm water and add a little detersive of your choice. We recommend you to use environmentally friendly, non-toxic cleaning products. If you see any cobwebs clean them before starting with the windows, use an old broom or old cloth to remove them. Using a duster , clean the window frames of dust, after that grab the soaked sponge and clean the frames thoroughly. Now you are ready to do the windows. Wash up the sponge and soak it once again. Make an s-shape starting from the upper left corner downwards until you reach the opposite corner of the window. Starting from the upper left corner drag the sponge straight down, make sure that you’ve passed through the whole window with sponge. Then using a squeegee, go all the way down from the top to remove the water. Do not forget to dry your squeegee with a chamois or dry dishcloth after every movement you’ve made. Otherwise there will be visible lines on the window pane.

Clean the walls

how to clean after builders3How hard could it be to clean fully flat surfaces? As with everything just a little bit more complex than you thought. There are a few different approaches, for example, if you’re cleaning walls with wallpaper as opposed to those who are painted. When you cleaning walls of any type, there are a several items that you will need for sure:

  • A microfiber cloth or duster
  • A multi surface cleaner
  • Non abrasive clean sponge

Painted walls are comparatively easy surfaces to deal with. Most of the paints are intended to take a light washing every once in a while. Start by cleaning the wall of dust using microfiber cloth or duster. Dust and cobwebs are more difficult to eliminate when wet, so it’s better to deal with them right away. Give a special attention to the stains and marks on the walls. Use your multi surface cleaner or a comparable product to remove any spots, following the instructions on the label. Wipe the stains carefully until the stain disappears. Don’t furbish too hard, because this could damage your paint. And remember always to test any new cleaning product on a small, unnoticeable area before to clean the whole surface.

Wallpapers – they are two types: washable and non washable. The washable wallpaper could be cleaned pretty much the same way like the painted walls. Remember always to read the manufacturer’s guidelines and instructions before cleaning any wallpaper. If you have non washable wallpaper that has spot or needs a brush up, you could dusting it, and lightly brush off any dirtiness. If your wall has a grease spot, there is one little trick that might help you to remove it. Just hold an absorptive cloth over the spot, and carefully run a hot iron over the cloth. Pay attention on that to avoid burning the cloth or wallpaper – set the iron to an adequate temperature setting

Clean the skirting boards

how to clean after builders4Another “clean after builders” step is cleaning the skirting boards. It is slightly less hard and could be done very quickly, but it has a completely different approach because of their specific surfaces. All you’ll need is a duster, multi functional cleaning product, and a bucket clean water to rinse with. Although it might seem easy to make the skirting boards look pure, may be if you know the whole procedure beforehand can save you time and give you assurance in undertaking the job. Due to the fact that skirting boards can harbor and collect dust very quickly, the first thing that you should do is wipe them down with a dry cloth or a paper towel to take off the top dust. Secondly fill about a third of a bucket with a soapy mixture. Dip a soft cloth in the water and wipe over the skirting boards properly. Using your fingers, wipe along the top of the skirtings and press the cloth right into the slots to remove any hardly accessible dust. Once you have finished you can either use a paper towel to speed up the drying process or leave the dry naturally.

Clean all sockets and switches

how to clean after builders5When we clean after builders, we usually clean all the major spots: floors, windows, and appliances. But we often ignore little areas that can get pretty dirty and stained, such as light switches and sockets. First spray a regular household cleaner directly on the cloth (not on the plate) and whip down the surface. If it still seems to have sticky, greasy marks on them you can take a paper towel or a microfiber cloth, apply a little rubbing alcohol and clean again. Finally buff to dry. If you’re in a rush, there is one little catch, instead of rubbing down with a cloth you can replace it using a disinfecting wipe. This is a little bit chore, but using this trick this should be part of your regular cleaning at least once a week.

Clean the floor

how to clean after builders6Your final step, when you clean after builders, is to vacuum and mop the floor. So at first clean up the area. Make sure that you are done with all the steps above, because if there are any debris that needs to fall on the floor, they will fall before you clean it. Sweep or vacuum the floor first. Maybe it sounds unnecessary to clean something you’re about to clean, but mops usually do an awful job like collecting dust, hair, crumbs and other solid debris, especially when you clean after builders. If you anyway decide to mop a floor that is unswept, you’ll just end up pushing this stuff around. On the other hand, if the dust and the dirt are not removed first, they can leave scratches on the floor. When you are done with the vacuum, start doing the mop like you usually do. Use a cleaning product of your choice and follow the instructions on the package or bottle. Use enough cleaner to make to make a little bit suds. Don’t use more than you need, because it could damage the floor and leave a residue on it. When you are finished, leave the mopping area to dry, if you want to speed up the process, open up the doors and the windows for circulation.

Bonus tip

When you decide to use homemade products for after builders cleaning, like vinegar and soap, you are in a small risk of damage, because these products are not specifically designed for this purpose.To be prevent of any damages do not forget always to test on a small unnoticeable area before application.


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