How to care for potted plants?

If you live in an apartment or you work in an office, sometimes you want to add colour and greenery to the space. Low light indoor plants are an excellent way to add greenery, but what about color? A low light indoor plant with flowers is hard to come by but not impossible. Go to your local garden center and buy one beautiful flower. It will make you feel good and happy. Also growing your plants in containers provides you with the ability to move the containers around. As the seasons and the sun’s position changes, you can move your plant to a sunnier or shady spot to fit the cultural needs of the plant. Remember though, that when you are growing plants in pots or planters, that those plants are much more dependent on you to provide their necessities in life. They are in a limited amount of soil, with their roots restricted, and exposed to the elements far more than if they were field grown. It is important for the plant’s health that pay close attention to watering and feeding requirements of the plant.


Plants love and need water, but enough, not too little nor too much. You have to water the plants until you are able to see the water comes out of the bottom of the pot. Always make holes in the bottom of the pots before you set the plants in them. Also you have to know that plants which are in a large pots need to be watering less often than the small plants into small pots, because the potting mix into large pots dry out slowly.


Plants growing in containers need more fertilizing than those in the ground. The more you water, the more quickly you flush the nutrients out of the soil. If you want really healthy and happy plants, feed them a liquid or water-soluble fertilizer every couple of weeks according to package directions.

Be sure that your flower get enough light

Except water your plants need and enough light. Check how much light is needed for your plants. Then identify the lightest place in your house or office ( a window for example) and place the plants which love light there. The space around the windows has more light but it is not directly on your flower, so there you can place the pots with flowers which do not like to be very lighted. Also find ideal places for the plants that do not like the light.


Plants should be moved into larger containers as they grow. Unless more space is provided for the plant’s roots, they can become pot-bound. That is, the roots of the plant become cramped and form a tightly packed mass that inhibits growth. Now is right time to repot your plants which bloom in winter.

Following steps show how to repot the flowers easy and fast.

  1. Thoroughly water your plants a day before you decide to repot them. This will make the growing mix moist and the repotting process easier.
  2. Choose the right pots and potting mix for your plants.

If you don’t know what they should be, just go to your local garden centre and ask them for help.

  1. Pour some potting mix into a bucket or bowl.
  2. To remove the plant from its old pot, slip your hand over the top of the pot, holding the plant’s stem between your fingers, and turn the pot upside down.
  3. Gently pull the pot upwards to remove the plant from it.
  4. Explore the root ball.
  5. If the roots are thick and totally encircle the plant, cut away a 1-inch slice of them and soil with a sharp knife.
  6. Remove a part of the old potting mix from the root ball, loosening it gently with your fingers, a stake, a pencil, or a chopstick inserted straight down into the roots.
  7. Pour in a layer of the new potting mix.
  8. Put the plant into the centre of the pot and begin adding soil.
  9. Add the potting mix until the roots are well covered, and then even out the mix with your fingers or a spoon.
  10. Water the plants, let drain.

It’s actually not that difficult to keep houseplants happy, but you do need to pay attention to their basic needs, and take care of any pest problems right away.

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