End of tenancy cleaning checklist

We know how important is any end of tenancy cleaning that we take as job. And in order every time to deliver exactly the same result as before and to see the smiles on the face of our clients we have created an extended end of tenancy cleaning checklist. Every team member has his own responsibilities and everyone knows what and how to do it. This way we always have the same cleaning result at the end and with no compromises.



The kitchen at end of tenancy cleaning, is the place where we deal some of the best results. For us the kitchen is the most important room in every house. Without great looking kitchen every home just looks mediacore. That is why we take some special steps when we clean the kitchen.

  • Shineline ltd - end of tenancy cleaning checklist - kitchenFirst we start with all the surfaces. We clean and polished them to sparkle and shine as new.
  • Next we move to the cupboards and drawers. We remove all the remaining food and dispose it and we will clean and take care of any dust, mold and mildew. Also we will use some special chemicals just, to be sure they will not come back.
  • The sink and taps are closely cleaned from any water spots and lime scale and after that we degrease and polish them.
  • We degrease, clean and polish by hand all wall tiles and we took care of any left residues on the grout.
  • The oven is cleaned from the inside out. First we degrease it and after that we clean and polish all of the remaining parts.
  • While waiting for the oven the cleaner clean and polish the absorber (kitchen extractor).
  • Another cleaner is taking care of the refrigerator. Everything is taken out and all the remaining food is thrown and he clean and polish the interior and exterior and remove any present mildew.
  • We have a specifically trained person on how to clean your washing machine inside and outside. The rubber, filter and soap drawers are carefully cleaned.
  • One of the team members take care of the dishwasher. All the drawers and filters are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Cleaner degreased, cleaned and polish all other appliances.
  • The garbage bin is cleaned thoroughly and all the garbage is taken out.



Shineline ltd - end of tenancy cleaning checklist - bathroomWho doesn’t like a clean and fresh bathroom. One that you can feel and look like in a five star hotel. Well we are sure you have it. You just never have the time to properly clean, sanitize and disinfect it. We will do even more for you. We will remove all the mold and mildew that is piled over the grout and we will take care of your shower head and make it look like new and yes, we will polish all chrome elements.

  • Degrease, clean and polish all wall tiles and removing any mould growth between grout.
  • We will de-scale, clean, dry and polish any bath, basin, taps, shower and fittings just to be sure they will return their formal glory.
  • De-scaling, brushing and cleaning will be the next think your toilet will see and your seat will be perfectly cleaned
  • Any soap or shampoo leftovers will be cleaned and removed.
  • Our cleaner will clean and polish all the mirrors inside the bathroom.
  • The last step is to wash, sanitize and disinfect the floors in the bathroom.



Shineline ltd - end of tenancy cleaning checklist - bedroomThe bedroom in any house is the place where we think everyone should feel in his own cocoon. That is why we took a great matter of thinking what is the most important part of properly cleaning the bedroom. The list may look short but for us it is important as much as any of the other lists and we have specially trained member of our team who take care of the bedroom.

  • First we will clean all the dust over the furniture and storage units. They will be cleaned inside and out.
  • While we lift all the mattresses in order to clean under them we vacuum the carpet.
  • Any drawers and shelves are cleared from any left rubbish.
  • We clean and remove dust from all doors and also polish any chrome or metal elements.
  • We vacuum and clean any found upholstery and cushions within the bedroom



If something was not covered during the individual checklists we have a cleaner who is going through our general end of tenancy cleaning checklist. We want to be sure every inch of your future home or your home filled with your memories is properly and professionally cleaned.

  • Shineline ltd - end of tenancy cleaning checklist - general cleaningDusting and cleaning all light fittings and shades, light switches, dado rails, skirting, spindles and banisters, curtain rails, wall pictures, mirrors, fire surround and radiators.
  • We vacuum under all light furnitures by moving them.
  • Dust skirting behind any furnitures.
  • We wash and thoroughly clean all floor with the proper cleaning materials.
  • Any glass furnitures (mirrors, picture frames, lampshades, chandelier) are cleaned and polished.
  • We clean the windows from the inside and all windows sills are wiped down.
  • Dusting, cleaning and polishing all doors.
  • Any upholstery is vacuumed
  • All wooden furnitures are carefully wiped clear of dust, cleaned and polished.
  • Any rugs within the living room area are cleaned



End of tenancy cleaning result

Shineline ltd - end of tenancy cleaning checklistUsing our end of tenancy cleaning london service will be the most user friendly and extraordinary experience you ever had. You will be satisfied and your landlord will be more than happy that you use a professional cleaning company. You will be able to get your security deposit back. Which, you can use it for your next tenancy. Or with the use of our end of tenancy cleaning list before moving in you will have proof that your new home was a mess and the last tenants did not cleaned every thoroughly.

We have so many letting agencies trusting us that sometime we even consider to not bother with any private end of tenancy cleanings. But we know that you need us and we will give our best to offer the best end of tenancy cleaning and best cleaning experience ever.