Estate agents, landlords, and tenants of London, require the most professional End of Tenancy Cleaning Services. ShineLine Ltd will meet your needs.


End of tenancy cleaning London - Kitchen cleaningThe end of tenancy cleaning is a critical step in the moving process, and ShineLine Ltd is the preferred choice for people who reside in London.


We pride ourselves on providing fair prices, while ensuring that your property is completely free of dust, dirt, and grime. Our methods are fast, yet thorough. This produces a property with an exceptionally clean appearance. 


Our comprehensive services provide a complete cleaning, without cutting corners. Returning clients attest to the fact that we guarantee the best results in the UK and we will do our best to clean your house to the pristine condition it was before you rent it.


Cleaning technicians utilise the latest equipment in order to clean every aspect of the property. As a bonus, we offer 25% off of upholstery and carpet cleaning for those who book our services right now.


Additionally, ShineLine Ltd is one of the few end of tenancy cleaning services throughout London with highly flexible scheduling. Our cleaners are able to arrive the same day you order the service. What makes us unique to other cleaning companies, is that we do not charge extra fees for weekend or holiday cleaning dates. We understand that your time is important, so we make every effort to make our cleaning technicians available as soon as possible regardless of which day you choose to book us.


We know that cleaning is difficult and tedious task, so we can take away this from you for some of the lowest prices in the industry, but at the same time we will provide you with the best of the professional cleaning.


Our End Of Tenancy Cleaning London service will guarantee your security deposit back or you will get your money back.


Why you should call us before your end of tenancy?


Because every landlord or letting agent use after tenancy cleaning London service and if you don’t, they will call us and we will clean after you. But he will charge you three times more for our services which he will deduct from security deposit.
If you book us right now we will guarantee your security deposit back or you will get your cleaning money.


From this guide you can see the obligations for both parties:

Here we would like you to share some guidance from They have some really good advices for every tenant.

So what are you waiting for? Get in touch today to find out more or book an appointment for end of tenancy cleaning in London area. We will be happy to clean up for you! Or if you want an instant quote ask us for end of tenancy cleaning London click here

As leading cleaning company in London and London area we know how important is to provide professional cleaning services.

Our End of Tenancy Cleaning London Service includes:




End of tenancy cleaning London - Kitchen cleaning 1• Complete oven cleaning, both internally and externally. External chrome is polished, and all excess grease is removed efficiently.
• Trash bins are thoroughly cleaned inside and outside to remove odors and bacteria.
• All work surfaces are manually polished to achieve clean and sanitary conditions.
• Professional wall tile cleaning includes mold removal from hard-to-reach areas in grout. All tiles are cleaned, degreased, and polished.
• Dishwasher cleaning removes old food and drink stains. Exterior cleaning of the dishwasher is included.
• Grime is completely removed and cleaned from the extractor.
• Dust and dirt removal from drawers and cupboards. Disposal of carrier bags, old food items, and other debris, is a part of our service.
• All appliances cleaned, including the toaster and kettle. Microwaves collect food particles and we clean the outside and inside of these cooking tools.
• Sinks, as well as taps, are polished to remove tough limescale deposits.
• Professional refrigerator cleaning and defrost removes all mold, mildew, and food particles. Once the refrigerator is cleaned, it will be switched on.
• Washing machines are cleaned inside and out to remove laundry detergent residue and stains.
• Additionally, we clean all filters and soap drawers.
• Door rubber stops and surrounding areas are treated and cleaned.


• All floors are sanitized and washed for ultimate cleanliness.
• Showers, including fittings, are de-scaled, polished and dried. The same treatment is used on taps, baths, and basins.
• Mold and mildew grow on shower screens, and we polish and clean them to make them good as new.
• Mirror cleaning includes removal of streaks and dried water droplets. They are polished to achieve clarity.
• Excess shampoo and soap is removed to get rid of residue.
• Mold growth is removed from grout and wall tiles with our clean and polish procedure.
• Toilets, including seat and surrounding areas, are brushed clean and de-scaled to improve sanitation.


• Complete bedroom cleaning includes furniture throughout the room. Interiors of storage units are cleaned, and the outside of these areas are treated as well.
• Carpets within bedrooms are vacuum cleaned to ensure a fresh atmosphere.


End of tenancy cleaning London - Kitchen cleaning 2• Drawers, including shelves, are cleared of items such as: magazines, notes, newspapers, dry ink pens etc. Important items like telephone books are stored securely after cleaning.
• Rugs in living rooms are cleaned.
• Light furniture removed for a more efficient vacuum carpet cleaning service. Skirting boards are dusted in hard-to-reach areas. All mattresses are lifted and moved for cleaning technicians to vacuum underneath them.
• All upholstery is vacuumed. This includes furniture cushions.
• Wood furniture is dusted carefully, and without damage.
• Comprehensive dusting includes curtain rails, mirrors, radiators, fire surround, wall pictures, dado rails, light switches, banisters, skirting, spindles, and light fittings and shades.
• Proper cleaning materials and treatments used on floors.
• All doors, including top and sides, are cleaned. Polishing is used for door handles to leave them shining.
• Services include internal and external window cleaning. All window sills are dusted and wiped.
• Glass, including picture frames, furniture tops, and mirrors, are cleaned with industry-leading window cleaning solutions.

* When you book our end of tenancy cleaning London service we offer a 25% discount on our carpet cleaning service.

We provide all materials, we guarantee you will get your deposit back, plus we deliver a high quality professional cleaning service.



If you ever wonder if you need to call end of tenancy cleaning company you can see what the National Landlords Association thinks about this on their website.