Children’s room cleaning

Every parent wants to make their children to clean their room. They just feel that have to impose some order. But kid’s, on the other hand, want their children’s room to be their own messy castles. And the result is clear: struggle escalates. Kids observe a little. Parents chide a lot. Most of the times everyone is in a bad mood. Parents are exhausted and children do it enough, only to avoid consequences and to be able to get on with things that are more fun.
But there is a little secret about how to make your children to clean their room. Seasonal events like birthdays, the holidays or a new school year bring fresh motivation to the drive to get kids organized – and nowhere is the battleground more intense than in the children’s bedroom. So, now is right time of the year to make your children clean their room before they start the new school year and to teach your children how to clean their room at all.
Most of the children have their own idea how to clean their room but their idea doesn’t match yours. That’s why before you leave them alone with the vacuum cleaner, baskets, toy boxes etc. give them a check list with everything they have to do step by step. This list will help them to organize the children’s room cleaning, will make it fast, and easy, and will make them happy because they will be able to play whole Saturday instead of children’s room cleaning.
And let’s get started with the check list. (If you are creative person, you can make it with pictures or something else, just to make the children’s room cleaning process funnier for your children)
1. Put everything that doesn’t belong in your room into a basket in the hallway.
2. Remove everything that doesn’t belong on the beds.
3. Drag everything out from under your bed & from the bottom of your closet.
4. Put all the dirty clothes from your floor into a hamper, take hamper to laundry room & start washer – take empty hamper back to your room.
5. Put away all toys & organize your toy bins as you put the toys away.
6. Hang\fold & put away all clean clothes – organize your drawers while you’re putting away your clothes so that they will fit better.
7. Put away all your shoes.
8. Put away all your books & organize them neatly on the book shelf.
9. Put away all stuffed animals (on chain/top bunk/tops of curtains) – organize the stuffed animals on your top bunk.
10. Toss or store old school/art papers.
11. Change sheets and make the bed.
12. Organize & dust chest of drawers, TV, night stand, art easel & book shelves.
13. Put all trash into a garbage bag including what’s in your trash can.
14. Vacuum\sweep the floors.
15. As you leave the room spray the air with air freshener.
Now all you need to do is to make your children start with the children’s room cleaning. But if you can’t do this next article will be right for you. In it you will find out why you have to teach your children to clean and to keep clean their room and why it is important they to be organized and how this will help them in their future. So, keep reading our blog to know more interesting thing about cleaning.

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