Big Fall Cleaning

It’s Autumn. Pumpkins glow in golden fields. The days are shorter. Crisp mornings signal winter’s approach. The time for long lazy days at home are coming. So, you have to prepare your house for them.. Now, is the best time for fall cleaning. Do not be lazy and just spend one or two days to clean up the whole house outside and inside. It is a good idea to make your whole family to help you with this Big fall cleaning.

Check out the guide below to give you a head start on the mission.

Check list for your Outdoor Fall Cleaning up

It’s already cold outside. So, you can clean up the backyard. Here some tips for you:

  • Clean outdoor furniture and pack away.
  • Clean the kid’s summer toys and make them ready for the next year.
  • Clean gutters/downspouts and check for needed repairs.
  • Touch up exterior paint.
  • Check weather stripping and caulking around doors and windows; repair as needed.
  • Insulate outside faucets and grates.
  • Inspect fencing and repair as needed.
  • Inspect patio and decking; stain and repair as needed.
  • Wash exterior windows. ( Here you can find how to wash the windows.. )
  • Clean your barbecue before storing it into the garage.
  • Clean and organise the garage. ( Check our tips for easy garage/storeroom cleaning )

Check list for your Inside Fall Cleaning up

Autumn’s the time for “spring cleaning”! Cold weather makes you and your family to stay at home and enjoy the fire from the fireplace or just watch TV. Which means that you have to clean the home and make it the best place for your family during the whole winter. Next steps will help you to clean easy and fast

  • Clean the windows in all rooms. The weather now is perfect to deal with this task. ( Tips and tricks you can find here: how to wash the windows )
  • Family room, living room, guest bath, and entryway should be your priorities.
  • Start the cleaning process from top to bottom. Use vacuum cleaner to remove any dirt from window treatments and drapes also vacuum corners and baseboards. Wash window wells and window sills.
  • Move your upholstered furniture and use the vacuum cleaner to get rid of the dirt behind and beneath them. Also vacuum all of your upholstered furniture. If it is needed you can hire a professional team to clean them.
  • Turn mattresses end-to-end and front-to-back to equalize wear. ( How to clean your mattresses?)
  • Wash all bedding properly: pillows, blankets, mattress pads, comforters and duvets. ( If you still do not know how to do laundry, check here: How to do laundry? )
  • If there are carpets in your home you can hire professional carpet cleaning company to wash them. (You can find us on our web site and book one of our professional teams!)
  • Organize and clean your kitchen cabinets. Pay more attention to pans, baking supplies and all stuff and equipment which you will need for your holiday cooking.
  • Clean your kitchen counters by getting rid of all the appliances which you did not use within last few weeks. This will make your kitchen looks tidy and will make more space for holiday cooking.
  • Move refrigerator from the wall, and clean the condenser coils. For bottom-mounted coils, use a narrow, long brush to clean coils of debris and dust.
  • Clean up your refrigerator ( Tips and trick for fast refrigerator cleaning )
  • Clean your oven and prepare it for holiday cooking ( Oven cleaning )
  • Wash light-diffusing bowls from light fixtures.
  • Check every household appliance. If they need repair just call a proper repair services company.
  • Clean electronic air cleaner elements monthly for most efficient operation. Wash them in an empty dishwasher.
  • Inspect or replace humidifier elements.
  • Check washer hoses for splits, cracks or bulges.
  • Check dryer exhaust tube and vent for built-up lint, debris or birds’ nests! Make sure the exterior vent door closes tightly when not in use.
  • Inspect fireplace. ( You do not know how? Check here to find out: Fireplace cleaning)
  • Drain sediment from hot water heaters.
  • Use fall cleaning time to organise your wardrobes. Change the place of your summer and winter clothes. Take out winter clothes, shoes and accessories. It’s the right moment to clean up your wardrobe and to donate or throw away some of your clothes.
  • Clean your bathroom and empty medicine cabinets. Get rid of old, expired medicine.

If you don’t have the time to deal with fall cleaning by yourself you can call us and book our services. We offer wide array of services and flexible appointments to help you maintain your house in impeccable condition through all seasons.


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