Bathtub cleaning

There is nothing like a long, leisurely soak in a luxurious hot bath to soothe away the stresses of the day—that is, unless your dirty tub is one of the things that you’re stressed about!

Bathtubs seem to be magnets for soap scum, mildew, and grime, not to mention stubborn stains. We all know that a dirty or stained tub makes the whole bathroom feel grungy. In this article you will find out how to clean your tub with a few cleaners and simple equipment. But the bathtub cleaning is hard and it is not the best thing which you can do on Saturday morning, for example. Luckily, one of our friendly teams could come and clean your whole bathroom using professional cleaners, also the price of the service will be the same as if you clean only your bathtub by yourself. While they are cleaning you can spend time with your family or friends.

If you want to clean your bathtub by yourself, you should know that there are three most usable bathtub materials: porcelain, enameled metal, and fiberglass. Fiberglass bathtubs look like plastic. But if your bathtub does not look like plastic, you have to make a small experiment to find out if your bathtub is enamel or porcelain. So, for this experiment you will need only a magnet. Grab the magnet and put it on the inside of the tub. And if the magnet does not stick, your bathtub is porcelain. Of, course, there are so many different kinds of tubs, but fiberglass and porcelain or enamel tubs are the biggest. That’s why we will talk about their cleaning in this article.

Before you start the bathtub cleaning you have to buy a few cleaners depending on the material of your bathtub, plastic gloves, sponges, scrub brush, also you will need an old toothbrush, rag and clean, dry clothes.

To start, while you are cleaning your bathtub, have a window open or use the exhaust fan to remove the airborne moisture you are creating. Keep the ventilation going even after you have finished the bathtub cleaning.

First, you have to remove any hair from the drain. Then using a sponge or brush you have to apply the right cleaner for your bathtub.

  • If your bathtub is fiberglass tub and its polished surface can be easily dulled and scratched, a fiberglass tub must be cleaned by using a soft cloth, sponge, or soft-bristled brush with liquid laundry or dish washing detergent, or a liquid all-purpose household cleaner. Avoid all abrasive cleaners – scouring powders, steel wool, abrasive scouring pads, or scrapers. The problem with using even the mildest, least abrasive of scouring powders is that they can leave tiny scratches behind that catch dirt, grease, hard water deposits, and soap residue. Over time, ever more scouring is needed to remove the embedded soils. This only leaves more scratches.
  • Because of the fact that porcelain enamel surfaces cannot be scratched easily and they are resistant to dulling, they could be treated with harsh abrasive cleaners. But you do not have to use these strong and abrasive solutions often because over the long term they can damage your bathtub. So, if you want to keep your bathtub clean and without damages, it is good to clean it as often as possible by using the same methods and cleaners which you could use if you have fiberglass bathtub.There are so many cleaners which are appropriate for porcelain enamel surfaces, for example, Cillit bang, Dettol etc.

Leave the cleaner for around an hour. Then scrub gently, being careful not to scratch the tub, then rinse well. For hard-to-reach grime removing use your cleaning product and an old toothbrush. Using a sponge or rag, clean the fixtures with an all-purpose cleaner. Rinse off all remaining cleaner and dry the whole tub with a clean cloth.

Now, after all that work, you can indulge yourself with a nice, hot bath.

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