Shine line LTD was established to offer business owners, landlords and homeowners a superior cleaning service at an affordable price.

Over the years we have successfully built an outstanding reputation for the impeccable service we provide. We are the number one choice for landlords, tenants and estate agents seeking end of tenancy cleaning in London.

We take the stress and hard work out of getting your home clean, tidy and sparkling.

Each member of the Shine line Cleaning team is professionally trained to the highest standards and is highly experienced.
We have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment and machinery to allow us to tackle the biggest and toughest cleaning jobs with ease and to provide a superior service every time.

So whether its domestic or end of tenancy cleaning in London, removals in London, or carpet cleaning in London, you can rest assured that our team will provide you with a fast, affordable and highly effective service.

Ivan Ivanov


After working in the cleaning industry for more than ten years, Ivan is highly passionate about all things cleaning and has a wealth of knowledge and experience, which help him ensure every customer receives an outstanding service.

Ivan decided to set up Shineline LTD after hiring a company to do some end of tenancy cleaning in London – and being very disappointed with the result.

He quickly realised there was a gap in the market for an effective and affordable end of tenancy cleaning services in London so he set up Shine line LTD and hasn’t looked back.

His business is the top choice for end of tenancy cleaning in London and his team of staff also offer a comprehensive range of other cleaning services.

Peter Ivanov


Peter has been a partner at Shine line LTD from the very beginning.

As a property developer, Peter had also experienced first hand a disappointment with end of tenancy cleaning in London – so he joined forces with Ivan to provide an effective and affordable alternative.

With years of marketing experience, Peter has helped Shine line LTD be recognised as the most popular end of tenancy cleaning services in London.

Alongside Ivan, Peter has driven forward the expansion of the business to offer a comprehensive range of high quality services, including removals and carpet cleaning in London.